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Our Story, Your Experience

Caravan Restaurant is where Korean meets Uzbek, blending rich traditions
into a unique culinary journey. Our mission: to create meaningful connections through food.
Uniting Cultures

Korean & Uzbek Heritage

Embrace a culinary journey that melds the flavors of Central Asia with Korean tradition.
A World of Flavors

Three Diverse Cuisines

Three Culinary Traditions: Dishes from Eastern European and Central Asian Flavors with Sushi Selections.
Dine with Us

Unique Events & Offers

Enjoy unforgettable experiences with our special date nights, business lunches, and cultural events.
Kuk Su
Kuk Su
A refreshing taste of tradition, served in a chilled noodle soup that embodies the essence of Korean culinary craftsmanship.

A Journey Through Flavors

From Central Asia's heart to Korea's bustling streets, our culinary legacy is a testament to a rich cultural tapestry.

The fusion of Korean and Uzbek flavors is rooted in the Silk Road's historical connection, giving birth to the name "Caravan Restaurant."

Guided by a family-oriented approach, we invite you to dine with us and embark on a flavorful journey that transcends borders and generations.

Uniquely Caravan

Dive into an extraordinary dining experience at Caravan Restaurant. Our menu reflects four main culinary traditions: the vibrant flavors of Korean Cuisine, the rich textures of Uzbek dishes, the classic tastes of European (Russian and Ukrainian) Cuisine, and the artistry of Sushi.

From exclusive Central Asian delights like Kazan Kebab and Uzbek Plov to our innovative Signature Sushi rolls, every dish offers a taste adventure. Whether savoring our coffee specialties or exploring our unique catering options, a meal at Caravan is more than food – it's a cultural journey.

Uzbek Plov Dish
Uzbek Plov
A rich blend of rice, meat, and spices, this iconic dish offers a flavorful journey through Uzbekistan's culinary heritage.

A Word From Our Customers


Great coffee and plenty of bakery items to choose from.

Ammar Khurshid
Google Reviews


Very tasty and delicious sushi
Good service and atmosphere
Absolutely recommend to everyone!

Aleksandra Talashova
Google Reviews


Beautiful place with an amazing variety of food! Highly recommend it!

Yeldar Mukhtaruly
Google Reviews
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